Convert more sales and increase your Shopify store's billing

Adopt a new sales channel, increase the conversion of your store and watch your digital business grow!


Define and target your customer base more accurately

Scale campaigns and forget about your pixel tracking problems

Integrate your store with more payment processor options

Track and measure the ROI of your campaigns in real time

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How the integration works?

How to integrate with Shopify

Want to know what your store will look like after integration with Guru? See an example here

Try a new sales channel
to your Shopify store

How Guru can potentialize my online business?

Turn a complex flow into a simple one and get more conversions!

       Using Digital Manager Guru you will start selling through a new sales channel or directly from your landing page. Do you know the dozens of distractions that your client suffers until they complete the purchase? With the Guru this scenario will change! Now, instead of a page with multiple offers, you’ll direct your customer to a single product checkout.
         From this new flow, you can segment your customers in a better way, since the products will be presented to those who are really interested in buying. Do you know what that means? More sales!

Solve the problem to track Shopify pixel in your store

Do you invest in Facebook Ads but in the end can not escalate campaigns? Because of the pixel problem, you can really know if the ads are effective or not? With Guru, you will solve this problem! The correct activation of Facebook and/or Google Analytics pixels at every step of the checkout will automatically optimize your ads.
        With pixel events correctly tracked, your sales volume will increase!


Get access to more payment processor options

   Shopify has limited access to a list of partner payment processors. But what if you want to make the sale through another processor? Or if you want to negotiate better rates with other companies?
    With our seamless checkout you will have access to a
greater variety of processors. Turn your sales checkout into single pages and make your business grow! Guru still allows you to use our Neural Checkout A/B Test to test different payment processors at the same time and find out which is the best conversion rate for your store!

Payment processors available at the Guru's seamless checkout

Find out the source of your sales and the ROI of your campaigns in real time

       Using Guru you can track the results of your ads in real time. From our charts you will be able to track the click through rates, number of checkouts and, finally, the amount of sales converted into each of the campaigns.

       Thus, it is easier to identify which campaigns have been the most effective and which have converted most. Integrate Guru with leading advertisers in the marketplace and have your ROI updated in real time!

Increase the effectiveness of your business with Guru

Ready to start? Guru team is made up of professionals with years of experience in the field of e-commerce. Through the platform, you can sell, analyze, manage and integrate the entire online sales process in one place. And all this without needing a programmer to configure the software!

By partnering with the largest e-commerces, advertisers, autoresponders and payment processors on the market, Guru is the ideal tool to make your digital business more profitable.